i was wrong

today I realise that the person that I trust/like or be friend with are not actually real. today I realise the silent human can be the loudest in moments. today I realise I deny myself, knowing the truth so many times. today, I realise YOU only have yourself. at the end of the today, you have to stand up alone.

you have to think and solve your problems ALONE. now I might be pms-ing or overthinking a little bit of everyting. so before continue reading, this emo-ing day only once in a while, so that I will always be grateful.

My close friend today tweet-ing bad about me. when I read the tweet, I feel like ‘ eh this feels like me’ , I have been joking with her, I said ‘ You la don’t want to set up me with him ‘ . I meant it’s a joke, obviously. but I don’t know what she has been thinking right. She usually silent if she doesn’t know what to reply back. I thought she knows me well. That is probably my mistake too. I assume straight forwardly, and I let things slide easily. I thought ‘oh this wouldn’t be a problem’ . it’s just like normal talk we have everyday.

Her tweets really shocked me cause she deleted them after that.  I know posting about this makes me look like immature. but honestly I was hurt and trying to calm myself down. I wasn’t expected her to be like that. She seems kind. but it’s okay lah. everthing will be fine, resume back to normal.

I am in my last semester. Hopefully, I can graduate on time. This final semester is hard for me though, especially about problems with friends. I try to avoid as possible I can cause I don’t want saying bad things. I feel like karma strikes me whenever I talk bad about people. I hope whenever I’m in tough situation, Allah S.W.T help me out.

I just have to be positive. People talk about you meaning that YOU ARE ABOVE THEM, AHEAD OF THEM. Be strong lin.


hello again

hello and hi everyone,

wehooo finally came back after long-lost and found hahaha although no one would read my blog, but it’s still fun though to read it again. so  I write ! Only for me. hehehe

what to say eh ? many things have changed or maybe not but I claim it does. I am now in my second last semester YAYYYYY cannot wait to finish studies because I really wanted to work and earn my own money hehehe… one semester left and I’m done UM !!!! GOODBYE …

but future scares me though, I don’t know whether I will secure a job or not. just look at the current economy and situations haishhh hopefully I will get one. Amin InshaAllah. may Allah S.W.T ease everything for me. I might not be able to get job that I want but still hoping I can hehehe. Need to earn money okay I have to give to my parents. that is my ultimate  goal.

then, i want to get into marriage (?) but I don’t have boyfriend hahaha I want to work work work and earn money and travel. actually I have so many things to achieve, places to visit and many more. but marriage wouldn’t be my top in the list. I would like to one day if I meet the right person teheee.

I hope I can meet a good man InshaAllah. I have to be a good person in order to meet one hahahah logic enough? I want my future spouse to respect my parents and can adapt into our family. We are just ordinary family but we live happily. I think my parents is the kindest person on the earth.  I think of them everyday, I want them to be happy and content. I pray everyday every single prayer that Allah will ease my parents, i hope they are in a pink of health even I am far here at Kl 😦

I want to be happy. everyday I woke up I set up a good mood so that the day will be better and everything I do will work out. but we know we only plan things but Allah S.W.T decide everything, we may think that is the best choice we have, no it’s not. know that things do not going well for you because it is bad for you lin.

Alhamdullilah.. I am happy. key to happiness is simple. just you need to enjoy every single thing and be grateful of what you have, instead of complaining and make things worse, breathe in breathe out say that you can do this, whatever may coming to you.

till then, lin.



I think I am homesick-ning. If I am alone , I feel like crying and sad . I don’t know. I feel like many things did not go in its way. to conclude that maybe I am away from My Almighty. I need to hold on to Him . and do what I have to do. Just like in pasum days.

I hope I will be better. Get on my track again cause I have tons of tutorials and assignments. I am the type of person that cannot see my friends are ahead of me. I will feel a little bit ( maybe ) discouraged.but I did nothing to that. Means , I still sleep a lot.my body is tired . I know.

I hope I will be more positive. I need to survive and do my best and get what I want.I want the A’S . I hope I am not jealous over other peeps. I hope I know and realize that rezeki itu datangnya daripada ALLAH S.W.T .Every each of us have our own rezk.sudah tertulis itu. tapi yang pasti , selagi kita mampu kita harus berusaha Lin.Ingat Lin.

Hidup tak selalunya indah.tak selalunya seperti yg dirancang.yg penting , lalui setiap hari mu dengan pernuh gembira .dengan sentiasa tahu akan batas kewujudan manusia .dengan sentiasa mengingati Allah S.W.T. dengan sentiasa ingat ibu bapa mu.Ya Allah , Help me to go through this phase.

To the extension that I know I can do this. I hope you pray for me , you and others.

kerana menulis itu bisa buat aku jadi lebih senang .lebih lega. InsyaAllah.

life is not easy.

i always feeling scared.i am a timid person.i am scared of what future awaits me.of what i will become in 10 years from now.am i able to work properly in the field i am choosing ? am i able to co-operate or socialize with people ? am i able been a good worker ? many things happened in your life.yes so many.there are things that you can control but also things that you can’t.you just sigh and cry.it shows to us that things that we encounter in life is not controlled by us , but by God.


those questions keep swirling in my mind.now i am 19 y/o.things revolve around me are all about studies.i am afraid that i couldn’t do better like i have promised to my interviewers.i am definitely wanted to do better in degree.better than during my foundation life.i just scared whether the course that i have chosen is really the course that i want or i make a false decision.i don’t know.i am not sure.i feel so hopeless.i just hope that Allah S.W.T gives me the best.


I just hope that things will be okay.I hope I can make many friends,coursemates,housemates and others.I hope I can find someone that I can trust and share my problems with.someone that I can get along easily and I can study with her/him.I am surely gonna do better than foundation.but I can’t escaped from the fear itself.Please Ya Allah, help me in my everydays life.I want to have a happy degree’s life with my friends and studies.

at the end of the day , I have to accept what has God gives to me.I have to let go something in my life.slowy but surely .I Must Do That.although it makes me sad.

I don’t know anymore. I just hope everything will turn out good . Please pray for me.


it’s 2014 !!!! ( recap of 2013 ) of PASUM

hello fellas.

this is not new year post okay although it sounds like one.

what i’m going to write huh ? i do not know where i should start because actually there are a lot of things i wanna tell and write it here.there are a lot of things happened.and till this very moment , what i can say is ALHAMDULLILAH.PRAISE TO ALLAH S.W.T for the events happened in my life.in this one year journey. * i can feel tears streaming down *

it just that it has been a great twelve months in asasi.to be exact , PUSAT ASASI SAINS UNIVERSITI MALAYA ( PASUM ).

i got an offer from pasum after being interviewed . i started my journey at pasum on 25th May 2013.there was orientation week .of course it was a week time .but my friends at matriculation only got three days orientation.because i am in uni.lectures started at auditorium pasum.it is a new building of pasum.we were the second batch there.for second sem , we exchanged with physical students.we used dku stands for dewan kuliah utama.it is in the ambang asuhan jepun ( aaj ) surroundings.oh i forgot to tell that i am biological science students.and i learnt 8 subjects.* die *

my roomate , named ika from perak.i was in hayat dua and tutorial class of X2.i am not good in english.fyi , we were divided into each tutorial class consists of 25 persons based on our english test during orientation week.so yeah !you know.what was happening to me on my first month here ? !! i am homesickkkk. * cry * . nope i did not realised that .it just that as time passed by , i got to feel that things were not on the track anymore.do you understand what i mean ? yes , i want to go home.there was this night where i had a nightmare about my parents.they got into an accident.i told my siblings in our family whatsapp group then my brother told me that i just homesick.sick yeah sick.everyday i went to lecture , tutorial class and lab .everyday except monday .only on monday i had tutorial classes and lectures.but hell sick here it was overly packed schedule .we started our day on 8 am until 5 pm .

i got to know kak ton.we were from same interview group , same group during mhs , same tutorial class and we were in the same gang .YAY * Clap hands * ‘ 6 bersaudara never ends ‘.now it is 7.i like the way ahak ahak. hahaha . i got my mid term exam of sem 1 .it was after raya.i did not study because i was at home during study week.hurm.if time can goes back.my mid term result was suck.i got overall of B-.then i had my final examination of semester one.i can feel that we had no longer time anymore at pasum.pasum gonna ends.i love that.but at the same time , i am sad.semester 2 started , i felt excited at first.semester 2 only had 16 weeks compared to semester one.

after weeks of starting my semester two , i got my final exam result.i cried so hard.it was bad for me.i made a lot of mistakes and i improved a lot during sem 2. then i got to sit for semester 2 mid term .after that , there was GOLDEN NIGHT !!!!! malam emas was happening yawwwwww although i was sad because of my shawl on that night * i was not comfortable with it * .we had to rush in .we were late.but what i can tell you that it was awesome-ly great.i never experienced this kind of event before.it was being held at pwtc.everybody looked stunning with their dress , suits etc.

then i got my mid term ‘s result .i got total grade of A-.there we go.there was a month left before final examination on 30/3 . i had to endure this two bloody weeks.hurm hopefully i get the best result.pray for me.then , I AM DONE WITH FOUNDATION..YAHOOO i was happy .i cannot wait to go home.i felt so exhausted .but i had to go to interview for entering to um for degree studies.i chose chemistry because i love chemistry.i have the bond with chemistry,strongter than ionic bonds.huahua so funny.yeah imma funny and pretty.

i feel so grateful to know many people at pasum. 6 bersaudara : aina , cuna , amani , kak ton , nadia , aina pash.my group X.we are X2.X2 are one.they are buddies.i love them.all of them.aisyah and shakirah ( group interview ) , my floormates and many more.and i miss ‘ teh ais ‘ of kolej 12.

hello friends , there are a lot of memories we had created and treasured together.and it is now strongly crafted in my mind. i will always remember you guys and pasum as a part of my growing phase.some of you may not know me anymore .but i won’t forget you guys. you guys are amazingly awesome people.thank you for being my friend.stay besides me through ups and downs. this is life , where you meet people , making memories together and then leaving.leaving is hard , as much as i wanted it , as much as i don’t want it to happen.after all , thank you.thank you.i love you guys so much.

kita berjumpa kerana ALLAH S.W.T , berpisah juga kerana-Nya.


result kita 21/3.


Alhamdullilah.i got 8A and 1B+.syukur kepada Allah S.W.T, terima kasih mak dan ayah,guru2,family,kawan2 .walaupun pd mulanya agak xbersyukur sbb nangis mcm nk gila.kawan2 peluk aku yg tgh nangis.msa tu aku dh kat meja,cg tgh bg slip.tpi kebanyakan bdk kelas duk suka dan ketawa sbb cg ckp rmai a bio ke ape.aku xdgr sbb aku tgh nangis.huhuhu.

smpai je cg pnggil nma kita,nasib baik 8.kalau 7 aku xthu nk buat ape.hahaha.aku kesian gk tgk kwn2 aku yg xdpt dikehendakinya tp aku duk ckp xpuas hati bla bla.sorry teman2.pastu g jupe cg sumi,cg syukri,tecer salam ape smua.cg sumi plak jupe aku trus peluk,cium sini cium situ..hahaha cg ckp ‘ jd doktor deh..jadi doktor deh ‘ tp sy b fz cg.ermm xpe doktor bio..hihihi thanks cg.

terima kasih kpd yg ucap tahniah ; family,kawan2.Allah S.W.T dh tetapkan rezeki masing2.yg penting msa depan dan jgn lupa pd  Dia.

pfttt but we live in society where intelligence is measured by how many a’s we get.but luckily,my society xmcm tu.8A’s is enough.dah byk dh tu.sbb org lain rendah lg.hurmmm.

k lah bai assalamualaikum.mabruk to myself.

it’s february baby :)

Assalamulaikum …

i literally do not have any ideas to write.it`s just that i miss my blog so i re-read my old posts.my sister said that this blog was boring enough.my posts are random plus the sentences are funny. KEKEKE .

for this time being , i am full-time-mom princess at home.i do not working or taking driving license.my daily routines are waking up,eating,online-ing,watching tv and sleeping.although it sounds bored to some people but i enjoyed it.i love being at home.i’ve been showered with loves by my parents.it is a relief to everyday’s wake up and get to see them.

i am currently in the midst of thinking on which course i would like to take in uni.i have really good reasons why i choose science as my priority, so i will take either medic or pharmacy in future.in sha Allah.i had rejected the utp offer.i am grateful that i was able to go to the interview and been interviewed really made my heartbeat rose up.i got civil engineering and that was my third choice indeed.if i get chemical engineering i may have second thought.but it was nevermind.i am proud of myself undoubtedly.

Alhamdullilah.syukur for everything that Allah S.W.T gives to me.HE knows the best for you.although something doesn’t go well at first , you have to keep pray and doa to Him.be a good one and never let people around you get offended with you.




IT’S 2013 .

first post in 2013.there’s nothing much i would like to say .people mostly come up with new year’s resolutions.as well as me.hopefully it works.i guess for 2012 ‘s resolutions still haven’t be filled in.simple just carry on.i wanna be a good person definitely a great muslimah.cover my aurah properly.remember Allah S.W.T in everything you do .

for some time i do not write in english.i feel like i completely forget everything.look up my grammatical errors.i feel miserable.i have to do some revisions though.

till then.i am not in mood to write.assalamualaikum 🙂

words ( always in mind )

assalamulaikum ..

i feel like writing again.so here i am.

my friends always said that words that were uttered from mine was deep.i dont know what it is in english ,it was like ‘mendalam’nya ayt dia.haha mcm tulah.maybe they get offended with it.frankly i did not know what i did.i kept repeating my mistakes.

there was this day when i went home and thinking back what i said .but it was myself lah.my attitude was like that.but i never had the intentions to resent themselves.i thought my words ok jer but they felt the other way.lmao.

i felt bad and sad.what about another person’s words ? did they get offended too ? i came out with few solutions that is i should think before start talking.use the right words or control myself and my mouth whenever i go beyond that.hahaha .