our class pictures.

assalamualaikum.its me again.how are you doing ppl ?

tomorrow there is a camp at our school.i am in the elite group with my three classmates,and the rest are from Five Amir and other schools.we have addmaths,chemistry and biology,i ‘m nervous and at the same time feel excited . hehe.pls wish me luck.

i want to tell you guys that on this coming thursday *drumrolls* ¬†we are form five students going to take picture.yesss.we have to do the candid one.we already did the formal one like five months ago (maybe) i dont remember la ūüôā

we ought to do pose nicely and different from other classes,right ? so a few friends came out with many great ideas .and the ideas were like this : the people in the 1st row have to sit with my class teacher and buat2 mcm sdg shoot something with anak panah. i dont know .frankly it is in the gee music video by girls generation.hahaha.LMAO XD,

the second row have to do the same thing but in different angle .and lastly the third row need to be a statue,pose with unique and different charms,omg,i dont want to be in the third row.

on sunday there is another photo session.in this picture our photograph teacher will take the picture from above that is from the second floor. we have to decide what shapes or kind of pose we would like to do.again they came out with unique ideas.some classes probably will do the familiar love shape.so we rejected that one.supposedly.

i think i have to stop.mom nagged on me already.see you again.bye!


pretty !


the fear

the key to change  is to let go the fear.


yes. i’ve found this on tumblr. i think this things exactly happened to me. i always afraid to move on.sometimes i afraid to accept the truth.i kept hiding on .i ‘m a coward.

less confidence.i admit it.to be on top.really need triple hard work from what other students normally do.to get 9A+ isn’t easy.i’ve to sacrifice so much.and im not ready.i hope i will be ready soon.this is out of topic.sorry.

¬†i feel scared to beat the excellent students.¬†seriously,i just knew that i am in the “elite ” lists for the upcoming kem kecemerlangan daerah.and i was like sudoh dohh laaa.ahh so stressed .i bet my friend more in trouble than me.she probably cant answer the questions.

the solution is i should believe in myself.i have the ability too.

so i must let go the fear.sooner or later.i must.for my own sake.for my parents.


tehee till then bye.



second trial

hye this is my second post.


nothing much to write . as you guys know ¬†i’m still newbie here !¬†yes here la. wordpress.com.before this , i used blogspot for three years since i was in form two .ahaks.but the blog had been ignored .and i removed it.

seriously , i do not know how to adjust this blog .i need some free times to godek-godek andd i just dont have enough time hurmmm.

here are my resolutions to the blog :

1. the background must be white .

2.the header i want is like ……. anything¬†

3.a piece of biography about the writer 

4.there is a list of the blogs i adore such as maria elena 


tu je la kot.stkat ni yg i mampu fikir.sbnarnya mls.i am such a lazy girl you know eventhough spm is getting nearer .*takut*


see you in a next entry.bye.


Hello !

hello hai my purposes for creating this blog are to have fun and to express my mind.whenever im free i will write but please dont expect too much entry per day .hiks sounds like i am a famous blogger


wehooo till then


since this is my 1st time using wordpress , i feel awkward