a reminder

i dont want hating people just because they are close with someone else.i strongly believe that they have a good reason.why they do that.why they feel awkward being with me.this is life.i must be strong.noted that  i always strong.no one knows how i feel inside .deep inside my heart.i hurt a lot.friends.not easy as abc.cause they are human.maybe because i am a small-sized person.i keep saying to myself that thats not the reason lah.well afterall,physical differences have put a barrier between myself and friends.i think i am a nice person.even some of them say i am kind.kind sbb kecik.

i act like a smart person,when i would like to post fb status or even tweet on twitter it feels nah i cannot express my anger anywhere.smart people dont do this kind of thing.Allah S.W.T is everything.tell him.let your anger in doa.insyaallah it will be fine.i always observe people surrounding me and also through fb or twitter.through their picture sometimes can tell 1001 meanings.and i learn a lot.i look up some smart people ,look at their words and manners.and i think half of me is like smart people.haha.hopefully i get 9a’s.

insyaallah everything single thing happens have a good hikmah .you just have to work out towards the problem and reda.insyaallah the faith will make you strong.



About adirahmohdnor

Young 22. Weird and complicated.

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