words ( always in mind )

assalamulaikum ..

i feel like writing again.so here i am.

my friends always said that words that were uttered from mine was deep.i dont know what it is in english ,it was like ‘mendalam’nya ayt dia.haha mcm tulah.maybe they get offended with it.frankly i did not know what i did.i kept repeating my mistakes.

there was this day when i went home and thinking back what i said .but it was myself lah.my attitude was like that.but i never had the intentions to resent themselves.i thought my words ok jer but they felt the other way.lmao.

i felt bad and sad.what about another person’s words ? did they get offended too ? i came out with few solutions that is i should think before start talking.use the right words or control myself and my mouth whenever i go beyond that.hahaha .


About adirahmohdnor

Young 22. Weird and complicated.

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