it’s february baby :)

Assalamulaikum …

i literally do not have any ideas to`s just that i miss my blog so i re-read my old sister said that this blog was boring posts are random plus the sentences are funny. KEKEKE .

for this time being , i am full-time-mom princess at home.i do not working or taking driving daily routines are waking up,eating,online-ing,watching tv and sleeping.although it sounds bored to some people but i enjoyed it.i love being at home.i’ve been showered with loves by my is a relief to everyday’s wake up and get to see them.

i am currently in the midst of thinking on which course i would like to take in uni.i have really good reasons why i choose science as my priority, so i will take either medic or pharmacy in sha Allah.i had rejected the utp offer.i am grateful that i was able to go to the interview and been interviewed really made my heartbeat rose up.i got civil engineering and that was my third choice indeed.if i get chemical engineering i may have second thought.but it was nevermind.i am proud of myself undoubtedly.

Alhamdullilah.syukur for everything that Allah S.W.T gives to me.HE knows the best for you.although something doesn’t go well at first , you have to keep pray and doa to a good one and never let people around you get offended with you.