it’s 2014 !!!! ( recap of 2013 ) of PASUM

hello fellas.

this is not new year post okay although it sounds like one.

what i’m going to write huh ? i do not know where i should start because actually there are a lot of things i wanna tell and write it here.there are a lot of things happened.and till this very moment , what i can say is ALHAMDULLILAH.PRAISE TO ALLAH S.W.T for the events happened in my this one year journey. * i can feel tears streaming down *

it just that it has been a great twelve months in be exact , PUSAT ASASI SAINS UNIVERSITI MALAYA ( PASUM ).

i got an offer from pasum after being interviewed . i started my journey at pasum on 25th May 2013.there was orientation week .of course it was a week time .but my friends at matriculation only got three days orientation.because i am in uni.lectures started at auditorium is a new building of pasum.we were the second batch there.for second sem , we exchanged with physical students.we used dku stands for dewan kuliah is in the ambang asuhan jepun ( aaj ) surroundings.oh i forgot to tell that i am biological science students.and i learnt 8 subjects.* die *

my roomate , named ika from perak.i was in hayat dua and tutorial class of X2.i am not good in , we were divided into each tutorial class consists of 25 persons based on our english test during orientation yeah !you know.what was happening to me on my first month here ? !! i am homesickkkk. * cry * . nope i did not realised that .it just that as time passed by , i got to feel that things were not on the track you understand what i mean ? yes , i want to go home.there was this night where i had a nightmare about my parents.they got into an accident.i told my siblings in our family whatsapp group then my brother told me that i just homesick.sick yeah sick.everyday i went to lecture , tutorial class and lab .everyday except monday .only on monday i had tutorial classes and lectures.but hell sick here it was overly packed schedule .we started our day on 8 am until 5 pm .

i got to know kak ton.we were from same interview group , same group during mhs , same tutorial class and we were in the same gang .YAY * Clap hands * ‘ 6 bersaudara never ends ‘.now it is 7.i like the way ahak ahak. hahaha . i got my mid term exam of sem 1 .it was after raya.i did not study because i was at home during study week.hurm.if time can goes mid term result was suck.i got overall of B-.then i had my final examination of semester one.i can feel that we had no longer time anymore at pasum.pasum gonna ends.i love that.but at the same time , i am sad.semester 2 started , i felt excited at first.semester 2 only had 16 weeks compared to semester one.

after weeks of starting my semester two , i got my final exam result.i cried so was bad for me.i made a lot of mistakes and i improved a lot during sem 2. then i got to sit for semester 2 mid term .after that , there was GOLDEN NIGHT !!!!! malam emas was happening yawwwwww although i was sad because of my shawl on that night * i was not comfortable with it * .we had to rush in .we were late.but what i can tell you that it was awesome-ly great.i never experienced this kind of event was being held at pwtc.everybody looked stunning with their dress , suits etc.

then i got my mid term ‘s result .i got total grade of A-.there we go.there was a month left before final examination on 30/3 . i had to endure this two bloody weeks.hurm hopefully i get the best result.pray for me.then , I AM DONE WITH FOUNDATION..YAHOOO i was happy .i cannot wait to go home.i felt so exhausted .but i had to go to interview for entering to um for degree studies.i chose chemistry because i love chemistry.i have the bond with chemistry,strongter than ionic bonds.huahua so funny.yeah imma funny and pretty.

i feel so grateful to know many people at pasum. 6 bersaudara : aina , cuna , amani , kak ton , nadia , aina group X.we are X2.X2 are one.they are buddies.i love them.all of them.aisyah and shakirah ( group interview ) , my floormates and many more.and i miss ‘ teh ais ‘ of kolej 12.

hello friends , there are a lot of memories we had created and treasured together.and it is now strongly crafted in my mind. i will always remember you guys and pasum as a part of my growing phase.some of you may not know me anymore .but i won’t forget you guys. you guys are amazingly awesome people.thank you for being my friend.stay besides me through ups and downs. this is life , where you meet people , making memories together and then leaving.leaving is hard , as much as i wanted it , as much as i don’t want it to happen.after all , thank you.thank you.i love you guys so much.

kita berjumpa kerana ALLAH S.W.T , berpisah juga kerana-Nya.