Hello peeps xoxo 


Greetings from ….. home

Yes!! so basically.i am at home now.enjoying my five months holidays.oh god.i may die from boredom.boredom strikes.zaaappp .i do not want to say that i am bored doing just that everything i did here * at home * feels like hurmm what to say eh.idk.

I want to enjoy being at home.being showered with loves and wealth by my parents.wealth here means that u get enough food , sleep and internet connection without being kacau.ehhehe…

Feels like repeating what i did during my post spm holidays.but there is one thing that i haven ‘t done yet which is meeting my gang * drum rolls *.i miss them so much.huhuhu.everybody ia busy (maybe ).when we will meet guys ? Actually i feel kinds of shy ( something like that la ) to meet them but it’s okay anyway.

I just have a lot of feelings yaw.a lot of thoughts.haishh should overcome this attitude , to end this post.i hope that i can treasure (?) and do some new things .maybe i can go to library .read english novels .yes.i read english novels right now but not with enthusiasim . After all , i went surfing internet.browsing every pages hahahaha.

Till then good bye.


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Young 22. Weird and complicated.

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