I think I am homesick-ning. If I am alone , I feel like crying and sad . I don’t know. I feel like many things did not go in its way. to conclude that maybe I am away from My Almighty. I need to hold on to Him . and do what I have to do. Just like in pasum days.

I hope I will be better. Get on my track again cause I have tons of tutorials and assignments. I am the type of person that cannot see my friends are ahead of me. I will feel a little bit ( maybe ) discouraged.but I did nothing to that. Means , I still sleep a body is tired . I know.

I hope I will be more positive. I need to survive and do my best and get what I want.I want the A’S . I hope I am not jealous over other peeps. I hope I know and realize that rezeki itu datangnya daripada ALLAH S.W.T .Every each of us have our own rezk.sudah tertulis itu. tapi yang pasti , selagi kita mampu kita harus berusaha Lin.Ingat Lin.

Hidup tak selalunya indah.tak selalunya seperti yg dirancang.yg penting , lalui setiap hari mu dengan pernuh gembira .dengan sentiasa tahu akan batas kewujudan manusia .dengan sentiasa mengingati Allah S.W.T. dengan sentiasa ingat ibu bapa mu.Ya Allah , Help me to go through this phase.

To the extension that I know I can do this. I hope you pray for me , you and others.

kerana menulis itu bisa buat aku jadi lebih senang .lebih lega. InsyaAllah.


About adirahmohdnor

Young 22. Weird and complicated.

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