hello again

hello and hi everyone,

wehooo finally came back after long-lost and found hahaha although no one would read my blog, but it’s still fun though to read it again. so  I write ! Only for me. hehehe

what to say eh ? many things have changed or maybe not but I claim it does. I am now in my second last semester YAYYYYY cannot wait to finish studies because I really wanted to work and earn my own money hehehe… one semester left and I’m done UM !!!! GOODBYE …

but future scares me though, I don’t know whether I will secure a job or not. just look at the current economy and situations haishhh hopefully I will get one. Amin InshaAllah. may Allah S.W.T ease everything for me. I might not be able to get job that I want but still hoping I can hehehe. Need to earn money okay I have to give to my parents. that is my ultimate  goal.

then, i want to get into marriage (?) but I don’t have boyfriend hahaha I want to work work work and earn money and travel. actually I have so many things to achieve, places to visit and many more. but marriage wouldn’t be my top in the list. I would like to one day if I meet the right person teheee.

I hope I can meet a good man InshaAllah. I have to be a good person in order to meet one hahahah logic enough? I want my future spouse to respect my parents and can adapt into our family. We are just ordinary family but we live happily. I think my parents is the kindest person on the earth.  I think of them everyday, I want them to be happy and content. I pray everyday every single prayer that Allah will ease my parents, i hope they are in a pink of health even I am far here at Kl 😦

I want to be happy. everyday I woke up I set up a good mood so that the day will be better and everything I do will work out. but we know we only plan things but Allah S.W.T decide everything, we may think that is the best choice we have, no it’s not. know that things do not going well for you because it is bad for you lin.

Alhamdullilah.. I am happy. key to happiness is simple. just you need to enjoy every single thing and be grateful of what you have, instead of complaining and make things worse, breathe in breathe out say that you can do this, whatever may coming to you.

till then, lin.